When you run your own administration section you will need…

  • Senior loan writer (average salary $150,000pa)

  • Administration employees
    (average salary $85,000pa each)

  • Receptionist (average salary $90,000 pa)
  • Office space (variable but estimate $60,000 pa)
  • Equipment ($15,000)
  • Specialised management tools and software
    ($40,000 plus)

  • Before opening your door to business you’ll need to fund $440,000
  • And after taking these costs into account, a successful commercial broker business will generate a profit of 20%-30% on Gross Income (that’s the average)
  • But what if we could let you get started with

  • Allocate an average of 30% of your brokerage
    and you keep 70%

That’s a return of 70% on Gross Income with none of the headaches!