Chifley Back Office Benefits

Get the office which processes over $7 Billion in loans per year to look after your Commercial Loans Business.

When it’s done by Chifley Back Office, white label processing can significantly improve your efficiency

Of all the challenges of growing a business, one of the most difficult to solve is efficiency and quality. The truth is, done right, Chifley Back Office will actually improve your quality and efficiency. After all we have the best systems in the market to instil trust in your client.
Quick assessment and full management of the transaction managed on your computer, laptop and even phone!

When it’s done by Chifley Back Office, white label processing can significantly improve your business

By reducing your overheads by 90% we can show you how to increase your gross margin by up to 50%. Here’s How…

When you run your own administration section you will need…

  • Senior loan writer (average salary $150,000 pa)
  • Administration employees (average salary $85,000 pa each)
  • Receptionist (average salary $90,000 pa)
  • Office space (variable but estimate $60,000 pa)
  • Equipment ($15,000)
  • Specialised management tools and software ($40,000 plus)
  • Before opening your door to business you’ll need to fund $440,000
  • And after taking these costs into account, a successful commercial broker business will generate a profit of 20%-30% on Gross Income (that’s the average)
  • But what if we could let you get started with NO UPFRONT or ONGOING COSTS!
  • Allocate an average of 30% of your brokerage and keep 70%

That’s a return of 70% on Gross Income with none of the headaches!

You Benefit from our Big Business Infrastructure
  • When you Outsource with Chifley Back Office, you don’t just save costs and increase your net profits by up to 50%, you also get full access to our “big business” infrastructure backing your sales teams and business – and you can bet your top competitors don’t have that!
  • We process over $7 Billion worth of transaction a year and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you scale your business
We’ll Guide you with the Best Proven Practices
  • When you’re actively growing and pivoting, it can be incredibly difficult to follow best practices. Your resources are stretched thin, and you rarely have all the specialists in-house to be entirely confident you’re doing all the right things when it comes to data security, performance management, staff training and talent development.
  • Chifley Back Offices currently processes over $7 Billion worth of transactions each year, and you simply dovetail your business in with ours and leave the worry to us.
You retain full control
  • You have access to all of the files and information’s 24/7 from your computer, laptop, tablet and even your phone.
  • We liaise with you on the best possible course of action to take with placing loans and help with making recommendations
  • Your clients are never aware of the process and sees our work as part of your business
No one ever sees us
  • We liaise with you and if you want us to talk to your client we say we work with you – we even use your email addresses.
  • All documents are prepared under your letterhead / template for you to send out.
  • We settle transactions and pay you your commission on settlement (P.S. no clawback ever).

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